JURA SKAŁKA is a mineral water bottling plant localized in the heart of Polish Jurassic Highland.

Our water is extracted from two wells (180 m deep) localized in Skałka near Zawiercie which origins are in Triassic rocks of Kraków and Częstochowa. Our pure water has been classified as natural mineral water by Polish National Institute of Public Health - National Institute of Hygiene. JURA SKAŁKA water has stable mineral composition with low level of sodium.

We also use our water in the production of tasty soft drinks. We offer the following flavors range: orange, lemon, cola, orangeade (red and white) as well as JURA SKAŁKA Active - regenerating drink.

Our water bottling plant uses a wide range of packaging: 0,5l, 1,5l, 5l PET bottles. We also offer an awarded kids drink with a sports-cap and a 0,5l PET bottle of an interesting shape - GRUSIA, avaiable in three flavors.

Zakłady Produkcyjne B-D S.A., 42-400 ZAWIERCIE, ul. 11 Listopada 2/4, tel. (32) 67 013 00 e-mail: